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You Got This

Becky Lang

April 8, 2019

Words are powerful, especially when you are working out. I hear these words and phrases of encouragement from various fitness instructors during classes I attend. These are powerful words that help me dig deep and work a little extra hard. Words are powerful such as:

“Stay in this”
“We are in this together”
“You can do this”
“Hang in there”
“You are strong”
“You got this”
“Let’s go”
“Come on, you can do this”
“Finish strong”

Words are powerful.

What do you notice about these words? They tell us what to do rather than what NOT to do. There is not a “don’t quit” or “this is hard” comment, only forward, positive energy and thinking.

These are words that we are saying both out loud and in our head.

These words are just as important outside of the gym; in our workplace, in our homes, when we are working to get out of debt, eating healthier, in a challenging conversation with someone or just living life. These positive words bring about a whole new perspective. One of positive energy, solution focused, digging deep for the good of all.

Making a small simple change as using positive words “You got this” rather than “this is so hard” can make all the difference.

Let’s make this a great week.

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