Where Do You Find Your JOY?

Dr. Becky Lang

January 2, 2019

Tis the season, they say.  A season of hustle, of planning and checking our lists.  But what is it about this season that brings you joy?  Or do you even find joy in the month of December? Do you find yourself exhausted on January 2nd just thankful the month of December is past?  It also can be a hard time of year especially if you have lost someone close and how you celebrate has changed.  

So many things about the season we can’t control.  Let’s focus on what we can control.  We can control our choices.

We can begin by focusing on Joy.

What brings you Joy?  

Depending on your beliefs and how you celebrate the holidays will make a difference perhaps in what brings you Joy.  

Is it:


finding the right gift for a loved one

receiving holiday greetings from friends

making cookies

driving around looking at all the lights

giving to those less fortunate

being with family

singing Christmas carols 

listening to your favorite Christmas music

neighborhood holiday gatherings

watching your favorite holiday movies

a quiet evening surrounded by the lights of the season

What brings you Joy this season?

For me this past week has been music; classical Christmas music.

I played music all through high school and two years of college.  I played the oboe and was in many bands and orchestras throughout my years of playing.   

One memory on the top of the list was playing in the orchestra at Luther College for the Messiah Concert held in December.  Over half of the student body was part of the Messiah festival, either by playing an instrument in the orchestra or by singing in a choir.  There was also  a mass choir for students who were not officially in a choir but who wanted to sing in the Messiah.  No tryouts required!  There were large group practice sessions in the evening in one of the large lecture halls on campus.   A real college community event.

I experienced both.  One year I played in the orchestra and the next I sang in the mass choir. 

I share this story as playing music and being in an orchestra brought me great JOY throughout my early years.  After I was married, began to work professionally and raise a family, my participation of playing music and listening to classical music dropped off.  In the past 10 years, I have really missed that part of my life – almost felt like a huge void.  I am sure you know the feeling.

So, this year, I had the opportunity to attend two wonderful music concerts performed locally.  I attended Wartburg College’s Christmas concert, Behold the Mystery with over 400 students involved singing or playing an instrument.  Soli Deo Gloria was sung in the church with choir members holding candles and surrounding the audience.  Incredible!

The next night I attended a concert of Handel’s Messiah and Hallelujah Chorus at a local church.  Beautiful!

Both concerts were professionally performed with much attention to visual detail.

Attending two in the same weekend truly filled me up and gave me great Joy that I still carry over.

What gives you Joy this season?  Whether it is 15 minutes or all day, take time to savor those moments that bring you great Joy.

Wishing you much Joy this season.

Moments.   Joy.    Savor.  

Dr. Becky Lang


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