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Letting Go

Dr. Becky Lang

October 24, 2019

Nature Teaches Us Well

Fall is my favorite season:  riding my bike through trails lined with sunflowers, brilliant color leaves, crisp air on my evening walks, hot tea and Woolly Bear caterpillars inching their way across a trail to prepare for winter.  Most of all, I love the idea of transition, moving from one way of living and thinking to another.  

Nature teaches us well.  We see it with the changing colors of the leaves and finally the letting go of the leaves from the branch to the ground.  Nature has a way of getting our attention.  Nature has a specific rhythm, a cycle, a flow and a way of being.  Nature teaches us well.

As the leaves change colors and fall off the trees – it is a true sign of letting go.

Nature lets go.

What have you let go of this season?

What do you need to let go?

Letting go of Judgement

Letting go of Pride

Letting go of Unhealth habits

Letting go of Gossip

Letting go of old ways that no longer work

Letting go of Opinion of others

Letting go of stuff:  clothes, papers, dishware, etc.

Let’s use this season as a time to let go of what does not serve us so that we can make room for what serves us better.  

More laughter

More quality time with friend and family

More meals to savor with loved ones

More beauty in the sunset, changing leaves, flowers, art

More beautiful noise in our lives:  music, laughter, birds singing

More healthy foods

More mindfulness of the day we are living in

Which one speaks to you today?

Dr. Becky Lang



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