Let's Make May Marvelous

Dr. Becky Lang

May 4, 2020

Let’s Make May Marvelous!


As we begin a new week and a new month…time to pause, reflect and move forward.


As life looks a little different for us in various ways, I am finding it helpful to pause and learn from the past day.  Realizing some of us are putting in more hours at work in front line situations and some of us are retired, unemployed and everything in between. May this activity be helpful no matter your life situation.


What did I learn from April?


What was not helpful?


What worked?


What is a word or feeling I want to say I experienced at the end of May 2020?


For me:

What did I learn from April?

·     It was along month with emotions vacillating each day and often several times each day:  grateful, frustrated, impatient, angry, appreciative, uncertain, thankful and then some.

·     I learned the importance of naming what I was feeling as stated by Brene Brown, PhD.  Feel it, acknowledge it before moving forward.  I also learned that many people aren’t able to name what they are feeling, perhaps they don’t have the words to describe.  With that, be patient and understand it is different for everyone.

·     Stress manifests differently in others.

·     Give grace to myself and others.

·     It was a month of growth and learning to try new things. I have learned new formats and how to present virtual trainings on patient – centered conversations with participants.

·     Activities, projects and events take longer than I think they will.

·     I have taken more time to write and read books and listen to podcasts.

·     I am experiencing more silence and more living in the present moment. Because I am not spending as much time running errands, commuting to work/training engagements, the gym, or stores I have more time to just BE. I have listened to more birds singing, found more wildflowers than years past and enjoyed my home space more.


What was not helpful?

·     Trying to make many changes and pack a lot into each day.

·     Thinking I could accomplish more than I had the energy to tackle.

·     Staying inside all day.

·     Not taking time for me – to do those activities that refill my cup or to put the oxygen mask on me first.  

What worked?

·     A routine with flexibility.

·     Getting daily exercise and walking/biking outside everyday.

·     Reading devotions and spending time reading faith filled messages.

·     Connecting by phone, Facetime, zoom to family and friends. Many friends I had not talked to in a long time.

·     Making a “schedule”with a list of my top 3 items for each day. And, making this “schedule” with grace knowing it will change and flow with it.


What is a word or feeling I want to say I experienced at the end of May 2020?


Productive and Peaceful


·     I have a few projects I want to get done.  To be effective I will break down the project into smaller steps for the day or week. Examples include; clean out one drawer at a time, one kitchen cupboard, my socks drawer, minimize my phone photos, read, write.  Taking small steps in 15 –30 minute chunks.  

·     I want to continue to have the TV off.  Instead, listen to the birds sing, music, podcasts, read and enjoy more silence.  

·     Continue to enjoy the simple and beautiful parts of life: family, friends, flowers, music, books, and the satisfaction of the completion of small projects.


What is on your list?


Let’s make May Marvelous~


Dr. Becky Lang


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