7 Things I Learned This Winter

Dr. Becky Lang

March 7, 2020

7 Things I Learned This Winter


As much as I love all four seasons, when winter turns into spring, I feel like I have an extra skip in my step. However, before I jump both feet into spring thinking, I like to take time and reflect back to what I learned this past winter season.


Winter is a season to be still, reflect and JUST BE.

It is going to be snowy, cold, dark, maybe even dreary where you feel you are stuck inside.  So, accept it, plan for it and even look forward to it.


There is a reason winter has longer periods of darkness, clouds, cold weather and even snowy days where we end up inside. This can be a time to read, write, cook, put together a puzzle, and justBE. I have always enjoyed winter and all it means:  cozy evenings snuggled up on the coach reading, soup in the crock pot and lit candles to light the evening.   Perhaps I like winter because I am Danish and have totally embraced the concept of Hugge. Coziness of the soul.  


Get outside…just GO.

There is a phrase within the hiking community: There is no bad weather only bad gear.  After more research I found this saying could be attributed to the Norwegians.  Do you see the theme?  Perhaps Scandinavians can teach us a thing or two about dealing with winter.

This winter I found myself walking outside more than previous years. This year the fresh air was just what I needed.  I put on the gear and just went…scarf over my face and yak tracks on my boots for traction.


Write it Down

Leaving a legacy with one’s family matters. Being a new grandmother caused me to stop and reflect even more:  what do I want my Granddaughter to know about life, about her Mom, about my life?  What have I learned about life that I want to pass on?  Taking the time to write it down is key.  So, I have been writing. Otherwise the days will speed by, my memory will fade, and these moments will be lost. Legacy matters.



JustGO…. I had a day between two days of taking care of my granddaughter in Minnesota, so I went downhill skiing on a smaller ski hill close by.  I grew up skiing and love being outside in nature moving all day.  My goal is to get in at least one day of skiing each year. Interestingly, I was the only woman on the slope most of the day and for sure the oldest woman.  Not sure what that means except it made me smile and realize that maybe I am a little crazy.


Cultivate healthy eating.  

I find my body is more and more sensitive to what I eat.  For the past three years, I have been flooding my body full of plants: vegetables, fruits and berries and can tell the difference.  I have been growing my own greens with a vertical, aeroponic garden system.  It has been so much fun walking downstairs and cutting my own kale, lettuce, arugula, romaine and other greens for my meal.  


Keeplearning:  Podcasts

With traveling every week to Minnesota to take care of my new granddaughter, I listened to hours of podcasts. My favorite podcast this winter hands down is TheDrive by Peter Attia MD.  


He is interested in health, nutrition, fitness and longevity.  He interviews top researchers and business leaders from around the world.  He is a strong interviewer which allows conversations to go deep.


Take in the Beauty

Take time to be and take in the winter beauty. The stillness, newly fallen snow, snow covering tree branches, setting of the sun and winter birds.  I enjoy stopping and looking out the window and just pausing for a moment.


And now, I am enjoying the beauty of spring as the days unfold.


What three things did you learn this winter?

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